Serge Mouille Ceiling lamp 3 rotating arms

Serge Mouille, 1958

Given the rarity of Serge Mouille lamps, in 1999 his widow Gin decided to introduce a series of number limited editions of his creations since 1950.

These products are reproduced with the greatest respect for the original creation process, the integrity of the series is maintained just as the original products created by Serge Mouille himself. Each shape made from the same molds that were used at the time, the materials, the proportions and the techniques remain unchanged, the rods are made of steel painted black, the reflectors of black lacquered aluminum with white interiors and the joints of brass.

Each piece is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

85 x 135 x 110 x h60 cm
33d / 43d / 53d x 24h inches

5 179,20 € incl. vat / 4 316,00 € excl. vat

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